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Welcome to the first Wuhu Island wiki. Wuhu island is the setting for a variety of wii and 3ds games. Please help us expand our wiki.

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Welcome to wuhu island, wuhu is the host location for various Nintendo wii and 3ds games. Wuhu first appeared as wiifity island in Wii Fit, but the island later changed to wuhu for wii sports resort and Wii fit plus. The island now became host to many different activities such as air sports, power cruising, sword play and more. Wii fit also had you jogging around the island, Shigeru miyamoto described the island as a character just like mario or link. It provides the only other settlement for mii's outside of the mii plaza. The island has tourist attractions dotted around it such as smaller island and giant stone monuments. Wuhu has stared as a "character" in many different games, Wii fit, Wii fit plus, Wii sports resort, face pilot, Mario Kart 3DS, Pilotwings Resort.

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